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Quick Start

First off, thank you for purchasing the Pro Add-on for OMGF.

After your purchase you’ve received an email containing:

  • A download link to FFWP License Manager,
  • A download link to OMGF Pro,
  • Your license key.


Always flush and disable any caching plugins you might be using, before installing a new plugin.

OMGF Pro is an add-on for OMGF and requires OMGF to run correctly. If you do not have OMGF currently installed, install it for free directly from the WordPress.org repository.

For a manual on how to configure OMGF, click here.


To install FFWP License Manager, OMGF Pro, register and activate your license, follow this guide.


Now OMGF Pro is registered and activated.

Go to Settings > Optimize Google Fonts to open OMGF’s settings screen and follow the steps below:

After following the steps outlined in the image, OMGF will have detected all the Google Fonts used by your theme.
  1. Click Auto Detect, and wait for the success message.
  2. The link in the notice points to your latest post, but you can open another page of your website.
    • Just make sure that it contains all the Google Fonts that you want to optimize!
  3. After the page has fully loaded, return to OMGF’s settings screen and refresh the page.

Generating the Stylesheet

At this point OMGF will have detected all the Google Fonts used by your theme.

Italic font styles can easily be removed, since any browser is perfectly capable of mimicking italic fonts. This’ll chop a bit of your page size.
  1. Modify the list of available font styles, e.g. you can easily remove italic styles.
  2. Once you’re comfortable with your modifications, click Apply.
  3. Click Download Fonts, and wait for the success message.
  4. Then click Generate Stylesheet.

Once you’ve received a success message — don’t forget to Tweet or Write a Review 😉 — proceed.

Automatically Remove Google Fonts

To automatically remove font requests and resource hints (e.g. dns-prefetch, preconnect and preload) towards Google’s own servers, do the following:

Easily remove all requests to Google’s servers.
  • Go to OMGF’s Advanced Settings,
  • Check Remove Google Fonts,
  • Save Changes and wait for the success message.

OMGF will now automatically remove all Fonts loaded from Google’s servers and effectively replace each with a locally hosted version.